Valuing Your Feminine Power For More Prosperity!

Are you tired of doing business like a man? Do you want your success and prosperity at work with a feminine twist? And by prosperity, yes I’m talking about being paid your worth, but in a way that makes you feel valued, confident…and connected to strengths that feel natural and authentic to you as a woman.

You're not alone hon. It doesn’t matter if you’re working in corporate, your own business, or recently returning to the workforce (nor does it matter what you’re earning right now), what matters is you’re working very hard and possibly wondering if it’s worth it.

And it’s tiring and overwhelming, and can make you want to chuck in the towel. Because simply doing more, or doing it like a man, does it hard for you. 

Wouldn’t you like to help with resilience, communicating your expertise with confidence and sharing your value so you can be paid your worth?

Wouldn’t you like to feel more supported, valued…more you?

Not to mention, communicating your value in a way people respond positively to and pay you highly for... 

We women have unique and powerful strengths increasing vital in today’s competitive changing marketplace - so you don’t want to underplay what you have – multi-faceted decision making, relationship & collaborative skills, playing for win-win outcomes, better risk management, and fast assimilation of change.

So why aren’t you paid your worth yet?

Because you probably need help with challenges common to many women; resilience, communicating your expertise with confidence, and asking for help without sounding incompetent. Did I mention not stepping forward when you’re only 60% ready, even though your male colleagues are more than happy to do so.

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Trouble is, if we try and do it like a man, it's difficult to own our value in the first place. You're probably sick of trying to fit your gorgeous feminine strengths into a masculine world of doing business (and don't get me wrong, I love men, but when we try and be them, we lose amazing gifts our world now needs, and others are willing to pay you very highly for once you own them!!).

SheProsperity helps women do this, be they in corporate or working in their own businesses, with value based, short-burst coaching programs (group, and 1-1). We also work with organisations to provide corporate programs.

You deserve to be paid your worth.

My role is to help women be paid their worth, while valuing their feminine power for more prosperity. 

I’m a mum to three, executive coach to our family run business, a NZTE accredited coach, and started as an investment analyst at Bankers Trust.

For a complimentary "Get Paid Your Worth" 20 min consultation to discuss your needs, please contact me:

p: +64 21 369 950 

You deserve to be paid your worth.

Kimberly x


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