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do you want help getting the women in your organisation to step forward into new roles with confidence?


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At She Prosperity we're all about helping women in corporate with confidence and communicating their value in ways that feel authentic to them as women, so they can step forward into new and more challenging roles with confidence, and without being labeled, as many women share with us, as “pushy” or “demanding”.


Many of the women we work with want help with asking for what they want, especially around promoting themselves authentically (and in a non “alpha- male’ way), and communicating their value in a crowded meeting room without being labeled “bossy”. Because doing it a man's way isn't getting them the results want.


We help them bridge the gap between asking for what they want and doing so in a way that feels authentic to them as women – so they take the step forward into new roles they want, with the skills, confidence and comfort level to promote themselves and communicate their value.


It's Good For Companies

That’s good for companies. Research shows companies with more gender diversity in management benefit from improved financial performance, higher ROI and greater staff engagement and morale. It makes sense for business leaders who desire high performing and engaged teams to seek strategies that work for the women in their team – in the same way introverts and extroverts have different learning and communication styles, women need strategies for stepping forward into new roles with confidence in ways that make sense for them.


At She Prosperity we’re 100% driven to helping women in corporate thrive and companies to outperform through diversity in leadership. Watch the video below. Press Play >>


Helping Corporates Help Women To Step Forward Into New Roles With Confidence

If you're in corporate requiring a solution to help the women in your organisation step forward into new roles with confidence, and in ways that make sense for them, for an end goal of increased performance, engagement and more gender diversity in management, please visit "How We Help".  We're all about helping women thrive in corporate roles and organisations to outperform through diversity in leadership. 


If you're a woman in business wanting help with communicating your value, promoting yourself authentically, or negotiating your next role/review, you're welcome to book a complimentary "Paid Your Worth" 20 Min Consult with me here. 


And if you need an inspiring and engaging keynote speaker for your next event for women in business, with practical tips that work, please connect here.


Warmly, Kimberly 

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