Valuing Your Feminine Power For More Prosperity!

Oranges make great oranges, but lousy apples.  If you’re a woman in business struggling to get your value recognised,  it’s quite likely you need some help with confidence, resilience and connecting to strengths that feel natural and authentic to you as a woman.  You’re tired of feeling to succeed you need to do business as a man…

Because when you try and do so it's difficult to own your value in the first place. It's overwhelming, can make you want to chuck in the towel, and you're probably sick of trying to fit your gorgeous feminine strengths into a masculine world of doing business.

Wouldn't you like to communicate your value and be paid highly for it without feeling you needed to do business as  a man...

Then there’s the neuroscience (the way our brains are wired) - I talk about this some more in the video...

 ‘Women are wired differently from men, our neuro pathways make things personal and we struggle to be resilient".  

In fact, women have natural strengths crucial to a global environment that lends competitive edge to managing change fast (multi-faceted decision making, relationship & collaborative skills and fast assimilation of change).

But it also means we face different challenges to men (remember how we talked about resilience, confidence and stepping forward...). 

"Even though we’re good at negotiating on behalf of others, we need to learn how to negotiate for ourselves. Working mothers often ask for 4 days work but end up working 5 (while paid for 4), they could job share but don’t feel confident asking, and they are often asked to come into meetings on the days they don’t work."

I help working women understand their skill sets and get recognised and rewarded for them, plus train them on how to communicate their value, and become more resilient. It's all about helping women thrive in corporate roles (read my story here) and supporting organisations to outperform through diversity in leadership.

The Research Stacks Up...

Research shows corporations with more gender diversity in management and leadership benefit from improved financial performance, lower risk and higher worker engagement and morale. They also increasingly attract the best talent, changing the tide of many women leaving corporate when they become most valuable.

Capitalising on women's natural strengths is the basis of the She Prosperity coaching program. This 6-week coaching program is for women in business struggling to get their value recognised and paid their worth by helping them with confidence, resilience, communicating their value, and stepping them into their leadership power in ways that feels natural and authentic to them as women.

It is a six-week training program, based on international research that shows that short burst courses have more impact and are more effective.

If your role is the pressing concern of retaining and attracting the best pool of female talent for maximum outperformance & competitive advantage for your company, please visit "How We Help".

Supporting Women In Business...

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"I feel really supported working with Kimberly. She helps me break my goals into small steps, and focus my energy on clients and services that increase my hourly rate. Now I quote properly to clients who value my services, using payment terms that work for me."


Dianne Carian 

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