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Hi and welcome, my name is Kimberly Sumner and I'm the Founder of She Prosperity and The Steps Leadership Program. 


We believe leading teams can be hard when you don't have the skills, especially the more diverse they become - across gender, race and with Gen Z set to join the Millennials mixing up with Gen Y and Baby Boomers. We believe in delivering great value with respect. And we believe that team chemistry is always a work in progress, and great leaders need to work on their skills to build trust and engagement.


Leaders are made, not born. Leadership can be hard, and I'm personally driven to help people work better together - with communication tools to turn their good intent into great performance. 


Yes, we use neuroscience-based techniques to show leaders how to positively leverage peoples differences to become a unifying strength, and yes, the neuroscience supports that women and men communicate, listen, problem solve and play very differently. It's also for more personal reasons that I'm personally 100% driven to helping organisations outperform through greater gender diversity in leadership, and the women and men within them to communicate better for better performance, without the angst. As a mother of two sons and a gorgeous daughter, blessed with many male and female champions in my life, and having already built a successful business with my husband, for me, it's about women and men working together for better results.


It's about leveraging the strength that comes from diversity and bringing multiple viewpoints into a shared vision, across gender, race, age and how much of a techie you are (or not). 


STEPS Leadership, Kimberly Sumner

An NZTE accredited coach and trained Youthline counsellor, I personally delight in inspiring leaders with the communication techniques they need to lead their teams for strength. While starting my early career in investment banking, working with the Chief Economist as an Investment Analyst (one of two women on an all-male dominated trading floor), before working to manage investments with a multi-national funds management company,  it's the people side that really lights my fire, especially around how you bring performance and people together. One thing is constant, and that's many of the early experiences that motivate me.


Growing up as a child and teenager, I noticed my frustration and struggles in communicating with my father. He held very strong opinions and was very good at dominating conversations. I wasn't able to share my voice confidently with him, the way we addressed problems was very different, and the way he provided me with "straight-up" feedback often had me "internalising" it for days. Looking back I know it was all offered with great love and support, at the time I often felt bewildered.


As an adult, and having dived into the neuroscience, alongside having talked with hundreds of business leaders across the world, I know most of this can be put down to the very different ways women and men communicate - wit7h much of this driven by the differences in our neuro-wiring that means much of our good intent can be lost in translation. Same goes for the divide between baby boomers and millennials.

 I truly look forward to connecting with you, 


Warmly, Kimberly  


Kimberly Sumner, Leadership Coach, Keynote Speaker


 About Kimberly Sumner, Leadership Coach, Keynote Speaker

International Stevie Women In Business Awards Gold Winner

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