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We believe leading teams can be hard when you don't have the skills, especially the more diverse they become – across generation, gender and culture. We believe in delivering great value with respect. And we believe that team chemistry is always a work in progress, and since leaders are made not born, great leaders must work on their skills to build trust and engagement.


Kimberly Sumner is the Founder of Steps Leadership and She Prosperity Leadership Program. Having talked with hundreds of business leaders across the world, presenting to groups large and small, from executive presentations to facilitated workshops, her insight and intuition has helped create the bridges leaders need for Inclusive Leadership made easy - across generation and gender - with an end-game one of increased engagement, reduced churn and greater performance and trust.


Starting her career as an investment analyst with one of the world’s leading trading firms, then managing funds at an international funds management company, before running her family business with young children, Sumner was internationally recognised in November 2017 - winning Gold at the International Stevie Women In Business Awards in New York.


Beyond helping leaders leverage the strength that comes from diversity and weaving multiple viewpoints into a shared vision, Sumner is married with three teenagers, enjoys the beach, snowboarding, dive photography, the latest good restaurant and watching her sons play water-polo (while trying to watch her daughter play underwater hockey). She is very grateful for the village that has helped raise her children, but is only just starting to get her head around 430 am starts for rowing. 


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STEPS Leadership, Kimberly Sumner


 About Kimberly Sumner, Leadership Coach, Keynote Speaker

Kimberly Sumner, Leadership Coach, Keynote Speaker

International Stevie Women In Business Awards Gold Winner

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