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Differences In How Men And Women Banter & Play - Speaking With Wendyl Nissen On Radio LIve

Women and Men Differences Banter And Play

Joining Wendyl Nissen on The Long Lunch, Radio Live, today we're talking about how men and women can work well together at a time when differences in the sexes around banter and play (including joking, teasing and permissible behaviour) can cause misunderstanding at work. Get 3 Tips to help.

Using The Success Language That Gets You The Promotion You Want!

Communicating your achievements is as much about what you've done as about how your value is communicated, recognised and heard. If you want better results, it may be you need to look at the success language you're using and match it to the person you're speaking with. Here's how...

When Asking For A Pay Rise Feels Needy or Greedy...

Asking For Raise Without Needy or Greedy 300Even when you know you're worth more, many women in corporate share with me that they don't know how to ask for what they want without seeming needy or greedy. Find out how to ask for the raise and/or promotion you want in 2018 in a way that feels authentic, while getting you the results you deserve. 

When Promoting Yourself Feels Icky...

When Promoting Self Feels Icky BlogNerves happen for all of us. Promoting ourselves can feel weird. In a recent award She Prosperity won, my palms were sweating and my heart was racing when I went to collect the award, and then there was a time I felt weird sharing it. Read more on promoting yourself authentically.

My Heart Was Beating With Nerves!!

Beyond excited to share with you we've won a gold award in the International Stevie Women In Business Awards in New York!! Thank you for your support!! Here's the media release. 

Talking on TV3 with Mel & Mike

TV3 The Cafe

Helping women reach their full potential in business - and what's getting in the way of you being paid your worth! Watch this 5 min video clip for some great tips you can implement today.

Talking with Wendyl Nissen Radio Live - More Women In Exec Management

Wendyl Nissen Radio Live & Kimberly

Such a blast talking with Wendyl Nissen on Radio Live - How do we get more women in executive management, and what are the challenges facing women in this space (plus how do we move around them). Listen in for some great inspiration.

Nerves, Heartflips & Courage

Nerves, Heartflips & CourageWanting help from a champion advocate (or anyone who can help your career), but feeling nervous about how to ask? It's perfectly normal to feel this way, these 5 tips (including 2 min. video) will help you rock this with courage!

Letting Go Of The Guilt (yeehah!) with Trish Martin, Baby Coach For Corporate Mothers

In this super fun interview with Trish Martin, The Baby Coach, we jam about letting go of the guilt, and finding the balance you need between work and home...WATCH MY "LETTING GO OF THE GUILT" INTERVIEW with Trish Martin. Ciick here.




One Powerful Way To Communicate Your Value!

Find out one very powerful way to communicate your value so you can turn your dream into a profitable home or small business. Click here.


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