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Talking with Wendyl Nissen Radio Live - More Women In Exec Management


Wendyl Nissen Radio Live & Kimberly

Talking with Wendyl Nissen of Radio Live was so much fun - Wendyl is a deeply caring, intelligent, and warm human being, you just can't help but like her. This is a great interview where we get down into the how's and why's of why aren't there more women in executive management.

How can the trend be reversed? What is happening, what is being done?   

Gender bias & workplace practices aside, we talk the neuroscience that offers challenges to women in how they step forward to claim their worth, alongside a whole lot of practical ways for stepping forward and communicating value in ways that feel natural to women. Listen in, you'll get real tips you can put into practice. 

Click the image below to listen in. 


Wendyl Nissen Radio Live Interview 300


Hope you enjoyed the interview. If I can help you in any way, especially around helping you get "Promo-Fit" for a promotion you desire, or the next step in their career, when you know you're as good as the next guy, and want help in communicating your value (getting your value on the table + stepping forward for your desired role with confidence), you are welcome to book a 20 min complimentary consult with me here.

Have a lovely day gorgeous. Warmly, 

Kimberly x


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