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When Promoting Yourself Feels Icky...

When Promoting Self Feels Icky Blog

Most women share with me, with regards to promoting themselves, they're not always comfortable with it, and it can feel "icky". 

I get this. In the corporate world, and the wider world in general, we've been shown a way to promote that doesn't make sense for us as women. None of us really feel that great beating our chests or being the show pony, and rather than follow this model, it can be easier to opt out.

But the cost of this is too great for youand so you need a tip you can use that will get you the results you want, as a woman (rather than an alpha-male version of you!). 

In this short video I'm giving you one key tip to use to help promote yourself in a way that doesn't feel weird, and will help you get the results you want at work - so you can get the role you want and paid your worth - without being labelled "bossy" or "aggressive". 

Watch the short video below, Press Play >>

Promoting Yourself Authentically


Here are the key takeaways we talk about in the video.

1. It's absolutely vital you DO promote yourself - so you can be paid your worth, and for this to happen you need a model that makes sense for you.

2. In the same way women and men have different love languages (remember "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus"), latest neuroscience supports a method of promoting for women that speaks to the wider whole.

3. Research also shows that without doing so, women can experience backlash in their careers. 

4. Find out how you can speak to the wider good in the video. 

5. We all get nervous, the trick is not letting it hold you back. Fear means you're simply in unchartered territories, and courage is a muscle. 

Promoting yourself to the wider good - do the words "marketing" and "self-promotion" still feel a stretch? 

Many women, especially in professional fields, share with me either (1.) they've never had to market themselves, only they're noticing now they're not progressing as fast as their male counterparts or are experiencing roadblocks, or (2.) they've seen women promote themselves and while it's worked somewhat, they've noticed the reactions of others and how those women were treated or labelled.

They don't want to be called "bossy", "self-aggrandising" or "aggressive". This makes perfect sense. Who wants to carry that around? Yet women have a unique skill set and way of communicating that can completely work for them once you know how, and if you'd like more specific help on how you can use a range of tools and tips to communicate your value in a way that feels authentic to you as a woman, so you get the role, promotion or raise you want for 2018, you are welcome to book in a complimentary chat with me here. 

Alternatively, my contact details are here. Have a great week, I look forward to catching up with you again soon. 


Warmly, Kimberly

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