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Using The Success Language That Gets You The Promotion You Want!

Last week I was talking with a client around communicating success and her achievements to her boss, the person currently responsible for making a decision on whether she’s capable of a new and more senior role – in other words, the key influencer on whether she gets the promotion she wants.


The key challenge for her, and I believe for anyone asking for a promotion (which is why am sharing this with you today) is how do you describe your achievements in success terms that your key influencers hear and value?


Have you ever felt frustrated that you weren’t valued properly?

This can be a case of your success language is different to theirs, and for them to value you, you must talk in their success language – end result, you have a much higher chance of getting the promotion you want. So what do I mean by success language?

Being able to talk about your success in ways that feel authentic to you, and doesn’t ask you to beat your fists on your chests or be a show pony means you must know the success language of the person you’re wanting to influence, in this case the key person influencing your promotion. 

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Let's Talk Specifics

For example, you may define success in terms of action and results, but they may be more concerned with other things - like whether your fast results impacts on team bonding and harmony (or how you bring along the rest of your team beside you), alternatively how well you're doing influencing key stakeholders. 

And have you ever noticed some people only hear you when you talk in the language of tangible data and facts, and when you don’t meet them there they disconnect, all of which can feel frustrating.

One of my clients was a results action people person, and her definition of success revolves around these key criteria. She was feeling very confused that she wasn't being promoted, especially since she was getting great results. After we talked, it became apparent the success language of the key influencer of her promotion was around team harmony, and he had a real concern her fast results action focus could hinder team harmony, and was at the exclusivity of team dynamics.

He was more concerned about steadier slower progress that integrated into the team, and enhanced team dynamics and engagement. As soon as she began talking in his success language, and showcasing her successes in terms of how it impacted on what mattered to him most (alongside addressing his concerns upfront), her progress skyrocketed. 

All of this means your preparation in vital – less around your achievements, and more around how you communicate them. It’s all about them.

Today's Key Tip

So the tip today is when communicating your achievements for a promotion you want, you must know the success language of the person you’re speaking with – how much they are concerned with results (progress), team harmony (including cooperation and dependability), social influence (relationships, vibe and who else is doing it) or data/facts (including accuracy and the details of "how"). This will correlate broadly with established personality and behaviour profiling tools such as DISC. 

Often it’s a mix of the two. This is a broad outline of what you need to consider, as with all things there are many layers to how this works, if you’d like more help with the specifics (plus how to communicate your value to get the role you want, especially if you feel you're value isn't currently recognised), you’re welcome to book a 20 min "Paid Your Worth" complimentary consult with me here. 

In the meantime, have a great week. 

To your success.

Warmly, Kimberly

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