trish and kimberlyThis week I had the best experience connecting with Trish Martin, Babycoach and Small Business Mompreneur.

Like so many of us, Trish runs her business while juggling the demands of motherhood, but because of her job, she also gets the inside look into how women work and what we really need to make it work!

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Asking for help in your small business...

I know you'll be able ro relate to Trish's advice regarding how we all need to ask each other for support and take help when it's offered!

We also need to create structures of support within our week, and look to how we can create small business genius on terms that work to our female way of doing things (awesome stuff!)

It's this support that allows us to find our balance and stay fluid and fast on our feet - something I know you'll relate to when juggling the demands of being a mom with running a business. 

Can you relate?

The additional advantage of embracing this support is we get to lean on each other to expand our reach, rather than trying to do it all ourselves (which as you'll know, simply doesn't work given the demands on our time). In fact, this has been a big theme for me running a small business this year - how to create leverage beyond a dollar-for-hours model by way of packaging our beautiful expertise, and using the support of others to grow our networks, rather than trying to fight time. 

You can find out more about Trish and her beautiful work with mothers at

Have a great week. 

Much love, 

Kimberly xo



anon woman"Working with Kimberly has given me back my confidence, reinforcing a positive feedback loop of immediate results from the action-steps that drop out of each session. I have a renewed confidence in my ability to back myself and to not be discouraged when things don't go to plan - instead to reflect and build on, for further positive benefits. I'm getting the results I want, it's invigorating on a day-to-day level and the benefits to my career are enormous."
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