We all want to make money from our home based businesses,  so I thought this would be a great opportunity to look at how we communicate our value to others.

Reason being, often what we share of ourselves (and our small or home businesses) form an image of who we are that may be quite different from the image we’re trying to portray.

In other words, we might play down some of our biggest strengths, or share something about our business that people don’t rate as highly as we thought they did.

End result - we don't make the money we deserve, or the growth we expect.

Let me tell you a story about a mechanic who thought people came to see him because he was great at fixing cars. And he was. So this was the main thing he focussed on.

Trouble was, he had a terribly grungy waiting room.

And many women didn’t enjoy sitting in such a room. So they didn’t bring their business to him. And many men didn’t want their partners sitting in such a room either. Meaning despite how good this mechanic was at fixing cars, his business was going nowhere fast. 

Enter the new girlfriend who started helping him at work.

The first thing she focussed on was changing his waiting room. Now it’s clean, tidy and filled with good magazines and fresh coffee. It's a relaxing place to take a moment while having a car repair quote done.

And it’s for this reason alone business is starting to boom for the hard working mechanic.  

Making money means you must be clear on what your customers value

The reason I shared this is because sometimes what we think our customers value is quite different from what’s really important to them. There may also be a range of factors that go into their choosing of a service provider, and some of those are non-negotiable.

Like a friend of mine who visits her hairdresser because is it’s the one place she can completely chill out (with the added bonus of a brilliant head massage). Yes her cutter is good, but she’s told me that if the chilled out vibe went she would take her business elsewhere.

Similarly you may choose your gym, not because of the equipment or the classes, but because you can go there without needing to freak about what your hair (or outift) look like!

You may choose a restaurant as much for the food as for the atmosphere, a social media planner as much for her work, as the speediness at which she gets back to you.

It’s not for nothing, I’m starting to focus more on numbers in my home based business offering.

While this is something I’ve always taken for granted as a skill set, checking in with clients recently has given me a new perspective on how important this aspect of my offering is to them.

Resulting in a slight tweak in how I position myself in the marketplace. Notice that this a tweak. My calling is no different, because what fires me up is how working on behaviour change enables us to turn our dream into profitable businesses.

Meaning I remain passionate about creating Success, Abundance & Happiness for you, while also appreciative that many of you need help on which numbers to track to help you do this. 

Because knowing the numbers is an integral part of knowing where to put our energy!

Consequently I'm using them as a starting point for identifying blindspots - especially when where our results don't reflect the effort we put in.

So my challenge for you this week is to ask three of your most ideal customers about what part of your service offering they value most, and why they choose to come to you versus the competition.

It may be different to what you thought. 

Because only when you have a strong sense of this, can you offer more of this in your pitch - to more of your prospects! Meaning prioritizing this will result in a much bigger boost to your home business growth (and money earned) than you imagine.

Much love, 

Kimberly x



Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 3.35.50 PM"I recently got an opportunity to host Kimberly Sumner at Microsoft New Zealand for a session on 'Neuroscience of the Brain'....I would encourage everyone to explore ways of bringing these kind of discussions within your organisation and if you are NZ based definitely reach out to Kimberly to do something similar to what she did recently at Microsoft New Zealand. We will certainly be doing more of these sessions over the coming months."


Udaiya Karuppasamy - Microsoft NZ

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